Slangs & Acronyms


AA Air-to-Air
AA Anti-Aircraft
AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AAC Army Air Corps (UK)
AAM Air-to-Air Missile

AAM Army Achievement Medal
AAMG Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun
AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle

AAR After Action Report
AAV Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAV Assault Amphibian Vehicle
AAVC Assault Amphibian Vehicle, Command
ABM Anti-Ballistic Missile
ACC Air Combat Command (USAF)
ACM Air Combat Maneuvering
ACMI Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation
ACMR Air Combat Maneuvering Range
ACP Armored Command Post

Acquire To borrow; to acquire particular equipment by any means necessary

ADATS Air Defense Anti-Tank System
ADF Australian Defense Force
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AEW&C Airborne Early Warning and Control
AEV Armored Engineer Vehicle
AF Air Force
AFB Air Force Base (US)
AFD Automatic Feeding Device
AFMC Air Force Material Command (USAF)
AFV Armored Fighting Vehicle
AIFV Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
ALBM Air Launched Ballistic Missile
ALCM Air Launched Cruise Missile

Ali Baba Used primarily in OIF meaning looter, thief, or a criminal
AMC Air Mobility Command (USAF)
AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile

AMTRAC Personnel Carrier used primarily by the Marines
AMX Atelier De Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux (France)
ANG Air National Guard (US)
ANZAC Australia New and Zealand Army Corps
ANZUS Australia New Zealand United States Security Treaty

AO Area of Operation

AOR Area of Responsibility, an assigned sector given to a particular unit

AP Armor Piercing
APAM Anti-Personnel, Anti-Material
APC Armored Personnel Carrier
APDS Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDS-T Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabot -Tracer
APFSDS Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot
APHE Armor Piercing High Explosive
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
AP-T Armor Piercing – Tracer

ArCom Army Commendation Medal
ARM Anti-Radiation Missile
ARRV Armored Repair and Recovery Vehicle
ARV Armored Recovery Vehicle
ASCOD Austrian-Spanish Co-Operative Development
ASLAV Australian Light Armored Vehicle
ASM Air-to-Surface Missile
ASPJ Airborne Self-Protection Jammer
ASRAAM Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
AST Air Staff Target
ASTOVL Advanced Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing
ASV Anti-Surface Vessel
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare
ASuW Anti-Surface Warfare
AT Anti-Tank

Ate Up A troop who is not performing to expectation, or has no organizational skills

ATGW Anti-Tank Guided Weapon
ATBM Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile
AUW All Up Weight
AVLB Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
AVRE Armored Vehicle Royal Engineers (UK)
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System (Boeing E-3 Sentry)
AWOL Absent WithOut Leave


B Bomber designation (as in B-52 Stratofortress)
BAe British Aerospace, now BAe Systems
BAF Bagram Air Field (Bagram, Afghanistan)

Battlefield Airmen Air Force Pararescue or Combat Controller personnel

Battle Rattle field gear including but not limited to weapon, ammo, Kevlar helmet, and armor vest

BCG Birth Control Glasses, prescription glasses issued primarily in boot camps

Beans, Bullets, & Band-Aids Logistical term for food, ammunition, and medical supplies

BFT Blue Force Tracker

BHP Brake Horsepower
BIAP Baghdad International Airport (Baghdad, Iraq)

Bird An aircraft, both fixed or rotary wing

Blue Falcon Buddy Fucker

BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again

BOLO Be On the Lookout; also used to describe having to fail a certain task or test

Booger Hook one’s trigger finger

Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle used by the US Army

Brown Nose to kiss your supervisors ass in order to gain favoritism

Butter Bar A 2nd Lieutenant

BVR Beyond Visual Range


C2 Command and Control
C3 Command, Control and Communications
C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
CAB Combat Action Badge

CAF Canadian Armed Forces, now Canadian Forces

Camelback Water bladder carried on the back
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CAS Close-Air Support
CAWS Close Assault Weapon System

CCP Casualty Collection Point
CDU Control Display Unit
CEA Circular Error Average
CEP Circular Error Probable
CEV Combat Engineer/Engineering Vehicle
CF Canadian Forces
CFE Conventional Forces Europe
CFV Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

Charlie Foxtrot Cluster Fuck

Charlie Mike Continue Mission

CIB Combat Infantry Badge
CIWS Close-In Weapon System (US)

Clearing barrel Metal barrel used to clear a weapon prior to entering a camp

Cluster Fuck Messed up or disorganized, can be used to describe an individual or a situation

CMoH Congressional Medal of Honor
CO Commanding Officer

COB Close of Business
COIN Counter Insurgency

Coining a demand to produce a challenge coin of a particular unit
COL Colonel

Concertina Wire A type of razor wire in large coil that expands like a concertina musical instrument
COTAC Conduite de Tir Automatique pour Char (France)

CP Check Point
CPL Corporal
CPT Captain

CQ Charge of Quarters, a duty assigned for junior NCOs
CRARRV Challenger Armored Repair and Recovery Vehicle
CRT Cathode Ray Tube

Crypto Encryption codes for the radio used for scrambling transmission signal
CSB Close-Support Bridge
CV Conventionally Powered aircraft carrier (USN)
CV Combat Vehicle
CVN Attack aircraft carrier, nuclear powered (US)
CVRT Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked

CWO Chief Warrant Officer


DAP Deltoid Auxiliary Protection

Death Blossom term used to describe Iraqi Security Forces as they tend to either run away or fire

indiscriminately in all directions when receiving fire

Detail group of service members sent to do a task

Deuce and a Half a 2 ½ ton military vehicle

DEW Distant Early Warning (US)
DFAC Dining Facility

DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DGPS Differential GPS
Dirt Sailor A Navy Seebees or Naval Engineers

DoD Department of Defense
Double Digit Midget Having less than 100 days left before redeploying back to the US

Down Range Any place where there is a possibility of engaging into a firefight

DP Dual Purpose

Drive On To suck it up and drive on despite the difficulties

Dummy Cord To tie down an equipment to prevent it from losing
DVI Direct Voice Input
DZ Drop Zone


E Enlisted
EAAK Enhanced Applique Armor Kit (France)
ECCM Electronic Counter CounterMeasures
ECM Electronic CounterMeasures
ECR Electronic Combat Reconnaissance, SEAD Panavia Tornado variant
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
ELINT ELectronic INTelligence

EMP ElectroMagnetic Pulse

EMT Emergency Medical Technician
Endurance Length of time an aircraft's fuel load will permit it to stay airborne.
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EPG Engin Principal du Genie (France)
ERA Explosive Reactive Armor
ESHP Equivalent Shaft Horsepower
ESM Electronic Support Measures
EW Electronic Warfare
EW Electronic Warning

EWS Early Warning System


F Fighter designation (as in F-15 Eagle)
FA Frontal Aviation
FAA Fleet Air Arm (UK, Australia, Argentina)
FAB Forca Aerea Brasileira , Brazilian Air Force
FAC Forward Air Control / Forward Air Controller
FAE Fuel Air Explosives
FAR Force d'Action Rapide (France)

FAST Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams (US Marines)
FAV Fast Attack Vehicle
FBW Fly-by-Wire
FCS Fire Control System
FEBA Foward Edge of Battle Area
FLIR Forward Looking Infrared
Fly-by-Wire Flight control systems with electric signaling

FOB Forward Operating Base
FMC Food Machinery Corporation
FMS Foreign Military Sale (US)
FN Fabrique National (Belgium)

FRAGO Fragmentary order, changes to an already issued standing order

FST Forward Surgical Team
FUBAR Fouled' Up Beyond All Recognition
FV Fighting Vehicle


g Measure of the force of gravity
GAM GPS-Aided Munition
GCI Ground-Controlled Intercept
GCT Grande Cadence de Tir (France)
GE General Electric
GIAT Groupement Industriel des Armements Terrestres (France)

Glass House A mock up layout of a target building used to rehearse assaults before a mission
Goat Trail Unpaved road

Good To Go Everything good or I’m ready

GP General Purpose
GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun
GPS Global Positioning System
gr Grams (or Grain if talking about small arms ammunition)

Green Zone Heavily guarded area in central Baghdad where US Coalition and Iraqi government authorities live and work

Grunt Infantryman

GTK Gepanzertes Transport-Kraftfahzeug (Germany)

Gun Bunny Artilleryman

Gun Truck A military vehicle equipped with high caliber weaponry


Hajji A term used to describe an Iraqi or Afghani.

Hajji Armor Improvised armor welded on the side of fighting vehicles

Hajji Detail Indigenous Iraqi or Afghani day laborers that works inside the camp

Hajji Mart A convenience store owned and operated by an Iraqi or Afghani that sell various items

Hardball Paved road

Hardened Building A fortified building strengthened with sandbags or concrete

HE High Explosive
HEAP High Explosive Anti-Personnel
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank
HEAT -FS High Explosive Anti-Tank – Fin Stabilized
HE-FRAG High Explosive-Fragmentation
HEI High Explosive Incendiary
HEMAT Heavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer
HEP High Explosive Plastic

Hesco Basket Oversized baskets filled with dirt or concrete used for fortifications
HESH High Explosive Squash Head
HE-T High Explosive – Tracer
HF Hi Frequency (Between 3 to 30 MHz)

High Speed Low Drag High quality individual who performed above expectation, same as Squared Away

Hooah Official battle cry used by the Army

Hooch The place where a service member sleeps

Hooyah Official battle cry used by the Navy
HOTAS Hands On Throttle and Stick
HOTCC Hands on Throttle, Collective and Cyclic

Hot Chow Hot or warm food usually served in breakfast or dinner time
HMS Her Majesty's Service (UK/Australia)
HP HorsePower
HQ Headquarter(s)
HR Hour(s)
HUD Head Up Display
HUDWAC Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer
HUDWASS Head Up Display Weapon Aiming SubSystem
HVAP High Velocity Armor Piercing
HVM High Velocity Missile


IADS Integrated Air Defense System
IAS Indicated Airspeed Shown

IBA Individual Body Armor
ICBM InterContinental Ballistic Missile

ICDC Iraqi Civil Defense Corps

IDF Israeli Defense Forces

IED Improvised Explosive Device, a roadside bomb
IFF Identification Friend or Foe
IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IGE In Ground Effect
ILS Instrument Landing System
IMP Imperial (UK)

Imshi Arabic for “Move Along”

Indirect Indirect Fire, referring to mortars and rockets

ING Iraqi National Guard
INS Inertial Navigation System

Insh’allah Arabic for “In God’s Will”

INTSUM Intelligence Summary
IOC Initial Operational Capability

IP Iraqi Police
IR InfraRed
IRAN Inspect and Repair as Necessary
IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRCM Infra-Red CounterMeasure
ISA International Standard Atmosphere

ISG Iraqi Survey Group
IRS Inertial Reference System
IRST Infra-Red Search and Track


JASDF Japan Air Self Defense Force
JAST Joint Advanced Strike Technology
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition
JGSDF Japan Ground Self Defense Force

Jingle Trucks An overloaded cargo trucks heavily decorated with metal ornaments
JMSDF Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
Joint-STAR Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Grumman E-8)
JSOW Joint Stand-Off Weapon
JSF Joint Strike Fighter
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System


KAF Kandahar Air Field (Kandahar, Afghanistan)

KBR Kellogg, Brown, and Root. Primary government logistical support contractor

KCAS Calibrated AirSpeed (in Knots)

Kevlar Helmet
KG Kilograms
KIAS Knots Indicated Airspeed
KM KiloMeter
KM/H KiloMeters per Hour
kN KiloNewton measure of force (1,000 Newtons : 1 Newton = 0.2248 lbs of force)
Knot Aviation and maritime unit of velocity
KT Kiloton (equivalent explosive force of 1,000 tons of TNT)
Kt/Kts Knot(s)
kW KiloWatt


LA Language Assistant, an interpreter

LABS Low Altitude Bombing System
LAMPS Light Airborne MultiPurpose System
LANTIRN Low Altitude Targeting InfraRed for Night
LAPES Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LARS Light Artillery Rocket System
LAV Light Assault Vehicle
LAV Light Armored Vehicle
lb Pound(s)
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LF Low Frequency
LGB Laser-Guided Bomb

Lima Charlie Loud and Clear
LLLTV Low Light Level Television
LO Low Observables
LPT Low Profile Turret
LRMP Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft
LT Lieutenant
LT Light Tank
LVTP Landing Vehicle Tracked Personnel
LZ Landing Zone