Pin-up Boy

Want to be featured as our next Jody Call "Pinup Boy"? It's easy here's how:
1) Download and print one of our Jody Call "Pinup Boy" banner below:
2) Take a few photos with our "Pinup Boy" banner visible on the picture. (You don't need to hold the banner. You may post the banner on the wall, etc. As long as the "Pinup Boy" banner is clearly visible on the photograph it's good to go. We'll select your best picture to post)
3) Submit your photo entry with a short bio at: Please state "Pinup Boy" on the subject line. (We'll send you a confirmation email stating that we received your submission)
4) Upon submission and review, we will feature you as our "Pinup Boy" where it is viewed by service members worldwide.
a) Why do we need to have the Jody Call "Pinup Boy" banner on the photograph?
We required that the Jody Call "Pinup Boy" banner is included on the photograph to ensure that photo was taken exclusively for JC "Pinup Boy" purpose.
b) Can I take one of my existing photograph and photoshop the JC "Pinup Boy" banner into it?
No. All submitted photos must not be altered. For this very reason is why we required that all photos submitted for JC "Pinup Boy" must have the "Pinup Boy" banner on the original photo. This clearly indicates that the photo is exclusive to JC "Pinup Boy", and we did not just went in to your Instagram or Facebook account and steal your photo from your profile without your permission.
Candidates must be of legal age of 18 years or older. All photo entries will be treated impartially regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, religious afflitiation and sexual orientation. Absolutely NO NUDITY allowed (We like to keep our Pinup Boy page clean and classy). All photos must have our Jody Call's "Pinup Boy" banner visible on the photo in order for us to post your picture as our "Pinup Boy". All entries must meet our "Terms and Conditions" for uploading photo requirements to be considered for publication. For further information please refer to our “Terms and Conditions” page for uploading photos prior to submitting your materials. All entries that violate our “Terms and Conditions” will be discarded immediately. All published entries will become part of the permanent archives. Nothing in this agreement obligates to display or use your photograph.
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