Jody Shotout

You want us to give you and your friends a "Shotout". No problem, we'll be more than glad to. Just print out one of our Jody-Call banner below, and take a group photo showing our banner. Submit your photo at: along with month/year/location and a short bio. We'll be glad to feature your photo and give you an international shotout. Please indicate "Shotout" on the subject line of your email.

Our goal is to promote and preserve camaraderie. A picture speaks a thousand words so make the photo freekin' fun, and creative (yet, in good taste). On the same token, remember OPSEC. If you are currently deployed ensure the photo do not violate any OPSEC regulations. We will still give you a "shotout" but will not disclose your location (example: we will only indicate "somewhere in the Middle East", or "location unknown"). Jody Call is operated by OEF/OIF combat veterans so we have high regards when it comes to OPSEC.


a) Why do we need to have the Jody Call banner on the photograph?
We require the Jody Call banner included on the photograph to ensure that photo was taken exclusively for JC "Shotout" purpose.
b) Can I take one of my existing photograph and photoshop the JC banner into it?
No. All submitted photos must not be altered. For this very reason is why we require that all photos submitted for JC "Shotout" must have the JC banner on the original photo. This clearly indicates that the photo is exclusive to JC "Shotout", and we did not just went in to your Instagram or Facebook account and steal your photo from your profile without your permission.

Caveat: All photo entries will be treated impartially regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, religious affiliation and sexual orientation. All entries must meet our Terms and Conditions for uploading photo requirements to be considered for publication. For further information, please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" page for submitting your materials. All entries that violate our "Terms and Conditions" will be discarded immediately. All published entries will become part of the permanent archives. Nothing in this agreement obligates to display or use your photograph.

Jody-Call Banner (Plain) Jody-Call Banner (Insert Text)


Esperanza, Spain-1Esperanza, Spain-2

Melisa, Philippines-1Melisa, Philippines-2Ana, Romania-2Ana, Romania-1


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