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14March2016, IS-102MAR2016, IS-102MAR2016, IS-2
01MAR2016, IS-127FEB2016, IS-125FEB2016, IS-125FEB2016. IS-2

20FEB2016, IS-118FEB2016, IS-218FEB2016, IS-1SGT Torres, Camp Casey, Korea 2-9 infantry Manchu SGT Torres frustrated when having to come out to warm up the LMTVs.

18FEB2016, IS-318FEB2016- IS-4Luis Ocampo-6 (576x1024)11FEB2016, IS-3

All Car Bombs Please Exit The LaneSGT Torres, Pre-deployment training for 369th Harlem Hellfighters out of New York heading to Ft. Carson, Colorado  on a C130.11FEB2016, IS-110FEB2016, IS-1

12FEB2016, IS-1SGT Torres, Heading to Iraq from Ft. Hood, Texas, 2006 lay over in Ireland SGT Pride, SGT Torres, and SGT Lop711FEB2016, IS-2

SGT Brittany Spece, December 01 2015 North fort hood pre deployment training center Getting pinned (1024x1024)SGT Brittany Spece, June 2015 knightdale reserve center After the promotion board (1024x1024)IS-2, 07Feb2016Luis Ocampo-2

SGT Torres, Iraq 2006 in front of one of many paintings found on post of saddam hussein,Charles Manarang-2 (604x453)Charles Manarang-1 (600x450)Braedon, Somewhere in the Kuwaiti desert. May 2015 (1024x1020)

No fukkin monkey business allowed in the showersUS Army Rangers (WWII)Air Assault Training, 2013Stryker Platoon Exercise, Camp Atterbury 2014

After bootcamp graduationfile4041315710421Lean on me. Not!!!

25 272324


C co1-8 Cav, Bosnia 1998, Sgt WilsonPlatoon Pic, Iraq-OIF 2003, SFC Dunfy1718

1516R&R, Sgt Daniel, 2004SSG Israel, Kosovo, 2001



34K9100_0793 (1024x768)



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