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SCOUT the most comprehensive military discount app with thousands of discounts and savings. It is designed to have every military discount at your fingertips. It also provides useful features such as USO locations, charities that help the military community, Veterans Day freebies and much more. Please add any military discounts you know about today so they can be verified and shared with the SCOUT community. Not in the military? You can still use this app to add military discounts you come across for your friends and family in the military. We're constantly improving the app. Thank you for your support as we continue to grow our database of savings!
Cody McGraw founded SCOUT in mid-2014 with a desire to "enrich the lives of the military community". From culturing partnership, driving the brand and managing the team. Cody is full-time SCOUT. He enjoys working with this incredible community. Email him at
Liberals need not apply!
Mr. Patrick Hostis, the brainchild of "Political pH" blog is a soldier, patriot, American to the core. His "pH Vision of America" is a testament of a true believer in American exceptionalism and the Second Amendment.
Mission: Operation Zeus is an ongoing multimedia documentary project to bring awareness to the epidemic of Veteran suicide due to PTSD, and many other underlying issues with the Veteran community.
Project Director: Mr. Andrew Nunn
"Send a letter. Make a friend. Change a life"
Mission: Committed to demonstrating appreciation for the brave service of the men and women of the US Military, Talk2Troops gives everyone around the world the opportunity to write a letter to either an Active Duty Soldier, New Recruit, Wounded Warrior, or Veteran. You can send as many letters as you want and it is always free. From there Talk2Troops prints out your letter, screen them and send them to troops around the world in partnership with "Operation Gratitude". After receiving your letter, troops can then respond to your email address and you can sustain a friendship.
Meet the Team: High-school junior, Ryan Bellissimo, envisioned Talk2Troop while sitting in his dorm room, and with technical skills from classmate Parker Thomas, the project was born. The project has grown rapidly, and today hundreds of letters are sent to aid troops across the world.

Brothers in Arms
(Brownsville, Texas)
Brothers In Arms is a group of veterans composed of mainly Vietnam war era veterans. Brothers In Arms is constantly working to assist other veterans who may have issue with obtaining their veteran's benefits, VA appointments of VA medicines. We work very closely with city, state and federal agencies who are also dedicated and trained to assist our nation's heroes. We meet once a month to assist those veterans and their families with peer to peer support. We have several peer to peer facilitators who are certified by the state of Texas through Texas Tropical Hospital. We also take other veterans fishing and hunting. It encourages them to have a change of scenery, brotherhood, socialize with other veterans and share very positive experiences.
Point of Contact: Ms. Laura Serna Marquez
"Be ready, be sure, be secure"
Military veteran owned prepper group, teaching survival in rural and urban environments, by active duty and retired special operations NCOs.
Joe Paisley
(profile on LinkedIn)
One Savvy Veteran
"One nation. One team. One voice"
Mission: One Savvy Veteran's mission is to encourage, educate and empower women veterans with comprehensive assistance and tools needed to successfully navigate the transition from military service to civilian life. We are a source support and access to veterans-specific information and resources. One Savvy Veteran was founded April 2014 by a female Navy veteran advocate.
Point of contact: Ms. Meosha Thomas
(708) 462-2682