Gabe, Wounds to Wisdom Book
Josh Reynolds is an active-duty sergeant in the US Army. As a survivor of domestic violence, he was able to overcome a stereotype which quite literally can shame men to the point of being suicidal. Yet, Josh survived to share his harrowing story in an effort to heal the world from and bring awareness to Domestic Violence.
A former infantryman, Josh was living in a man's world. A world where weakness is unacceptable. In spite of it all, Josh emerged victorious, stronger and wiser. His torment and pain made him a better leader and soldier.
As a father to three wonderful children, Josh has placed his focus on healing and self perseverance. His motivation: to become a whole new person as he try to reinvent himself. For Josh, each day is an endeavor to be the most amazing father to his children.
Join him on his incredible journey from…..wounds to wisdom!